About us

This, Innovate UK, project has only been made possible with the support of Digital Catapult. It has the main aim of removing the slight deficit that the UK currently has on the implementation of LPWAN technology. There is a two stage process to recover the situation based upon a) installation of a supporting radio backbone and b) establishing 'Innovation Incubators' and that is what we are doing, now, here in Wales!

Low Powered Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) connect 'things' up to 15km away. 'Things' can achieve 10 years life from a single 'AA' battery as they communicate their data - but what is a 'thing'? In short we do not know! We have suggestions but installing a radio network so that your thing can communicate, directly and freely, with the Internet is the first stage in the process of discovering what your things can achieve.

We are therefore installing 'gateways' across the region and if you have a good tall, secure building, with a) a reliable power supply, b) easy Internet access and c) a beautiful view of many exciting innovators - then, we want to hear from you!

Once the radio network is in place we can cascade training and explain exactly how easy it is to connect a 'thing' to another 'thing' or integrate it into an 'App', or play its' part in generating 'big data'.

We will be running awareness sessions, design and build workshops and then supporting your through the innovation process. Practical 'Challenges' will be issued, from real-world case studies to hone skills and focus ideas onto practical solutions. All of this will feedback into further waves of innovation.

Online training sessions, supported by news and discussion fora will help smoothe the process further. So please do join in!


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