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A site designed to help you with IoT - whether you are totally new to the subject or a seasoned designer waiting to go to fab.
Including a National LoRaWAN Network for Wales.

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What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT)



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A mix of news, technology, open and SMART.
a) LoRaWAN for dummies
b) SMART Region - what is it and how do effect it
c) Conference timetable
d) Workshop details.

How SMART is Cardiff?

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Training Dates & Centres

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2017 Program Completed

2017 Program Completed

2017 Program Completed

2017 Program Completed

2017 Program Completed


Contacting the unSMART has been just one of our challenges of the last few months. We are pleased that this has now been recognised in the Institute of Welsh Affairs' report on 'Our SMART Region'.

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